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Lady Katherine Proposes


Mr. Clemens, it has come to my attention that you edit the Teatime Tattler, supported by a wealth of talented authors. Good sir, has there ever been a superior delight than tea, tattling, and reading? Oh, truth be told, I find local news quite entertaining by far. What better venue to learn the latest scandal — I mean gossip — ‘er news… (Clears throat then drinks a swig of rum) than to gather together and exchange friendly banter over refreshment, whatever that be. (RUM! Oh, the bliss!)

Where was I? Oh yes, per chance, have you ever read a copy of Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post? No? (Slaps hands together gleefully and waves Jack away with the rum… for decorum’s sake. Pirate!) Kind sir, I am delighted to share with you, and the readers of Teatime Tattler, some of the vital, juicy intelligence that the ambitious widow Lady Osgood (aka Lady O., real names in gossip columns being like the pirate code, guidelines not rules) supplies to this excellent newspaper. She writes about the Black Regent and the activities of revenue men chasing the fictional Robin Hood-inspired pirate along the Devon and Cornish coast. In Lady O’s opinion, it’s a calling to watch over the good people of Exeter. What proper lady doesn’t hope to sway… I mean entertain the masses with a teatime tale?

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