Feast your eyes on this #FreebooterFriday tale!


What makes a ghost ship? There are those that appear with no crew and every piece of identification stripped from their being. Then, there are the ones that show up looking as if the crew abandoned her mid meal. All belongings and cargo accounted for- just no men. What happened? Where did these ships sail to before they met their mysterious end?

Too many questions, not enough answers.020914_2

  1. 2012.( That surprised you, I bet.) Itโ€™s not all ancient stories. A luxury vessel drifted into Ft. Lauderdale. Running lights still on, the engine purring, but no captain. In fact, his wallet and cell phone were still by the wheel. Authorities looked for any crew for weeks. No bodies, no wreckage, no ransom notes, nothing.
  2. 1813. A schooner was destroyed in Nova Scotia by one of its crew mates, killing everyone. The ghost ship appeared for the next two years, witnessed byโ€ฆ

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