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One of the best things about writing historical romance is discovering GREAT nuggets that set a story in time, bringing fully-fledged characters to life! People are just people after all, aren’t they? No matter the time or place, human beings are… well… human, privy to any number of emotions. Having said that, I can honestly say, historical romance is a true art form. It takes more than knowing about emotion to plot a story and make it enjoyable. And it takes immeasurable time to learn about an era and become familiar enough with it to make readers feel as though they are there, experiencing a hero’s and heroine’s lives.

Making magic happen = EPIC adventure! Huzzah!!!

On any given day, I’m either writing or digging into research. Recently, I stumbled on some great information about the Cornish Coast for my Regent’s Revenge Series. The Pirate’s Debt, Regent’s Revenge Book #2, takes place along the coast and between Looe and Polperro. While Polperro isn’t new to me—the Seaton’s home, a fictional cove in Talland Bay, is featured throughout my Nelson’s Tea Series—Looe is.

What is it about Cornwall that calls to me?

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