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I’m at Embracing Romance today, taking a closer look at life as a free-trader in Cornwall and Devon in the late 18th and Early 19th Centuries!

by Katherine Bone |  posted in: 18th century19th centuryhistory

Themes make ordinary novels powerful. As a historical author, I try to keep my overarching theme “anchored by hope” in mind while setting characters in a real time and place. When I began writing my Nelson’s Tea and Regent’s Revenge Series, I chose England, between 1800-1815,  because the French Revolutionary War in 1792 sparked England’s seafaring dominance until 1802, when they experienced a one year reprieve before Napoleon’s surrender in 1815.

What a time in history, me hearties! And what a hotbed of adventure! Who knew pirates and smugglers could be a cunning and necessary evil?