Check out my interview at Rakes and Rascals, me hearties! Lady Carol asked some great questions!!! I’m very happy to be spotlighted at Rakes and Rascals today, me hearties! Check out the FANtastic questions Lady Carol asked me! 😉

Rakes And Rascals

I’m delighted to welcome Best Selling Romance Author KATHERINE BONE to Rakes and Rascals today for an exclusive interview.

And what a pleasure it is to be sailin’ in to Rakes and Rascals! Thank you so much for invitin’ me, Lady Carol!!! 🙂



Could you tell us where you were born and what it was like growing up there?

I’d love to share more about myself with you! Woot!!! I was born in Texas, but flew to Mannheim, Germany, two months later. My father was in the Army and already stationed there, you see. Would you like to see a picture of me meeting my dad for the very first time? I love this photo of us! (My dad was 19 and my mother only 17. She had never flown anywhere before!)

The rest of my childhood was spent traveling every 2-3 years to another Army base…

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