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Labor Day has passed and summer is drawing to a close. It’s a perfect time to read about knights, vikings, and generations of chivalrous men and strong women. If you’re searching for a great read, you’re in luck today! Eighteen books in Author Kathyrn le Veque‘s Kindle World, the de Wolfe Pack Series, release today! In honor of my sisters in Romancing Yesteryear and Embracing Romance, I’m happily sharing their books at Rogues, Rebels & Rakes today.

Cathy MacRae51Jx-Rwml1L‘s book, The Saint

Following in the footsteps of his uncle, the famous Lord William de Wolfe, Geoffrey de Wylde is counted among the greatest knights England had ever known. Revered for his justness and strict adherence to the chivalric code, he was known as The Saint. 

Fleeing the unwanted attentions of her late husband’s brother, Marsaili de Ville runs headlong into the path of The Saint. She wants nothing more than to reach the safety of her family’s home in Scotland before Edmund de Ville’s henchmen capture her, but Geoffrey de Wylde insists on becoming her protector, slowing her flight and putting her unknowingly at risk. 

As her past catches up with her, Marsaili will find more than a safe haven in The Saint’s arms. And Geoffrey de Wylde will discover his code does not tell him what to do with a woman who has been accused of murder, yet has captured his heart.

Màiri Norris‘s book, Brábanter’s Rose

51JoYX7DYmLA mercenary with a bloodstained soul. 

Elrik of Breda has had enough of death and seeks a place to build a home and live in peace.  

An innocent with a secret. 
Yrsa of Ottham has lived too long with loss and rejection. She yearns for a place where she belongs. 

Sometimes, the intervention of Fate creates magic. 
Together, they embark on a quest to fulfill the longings of their hearts… but the cost may be higher than they could ever dream.

Victoria Vane‘s book, Ivar The Red


As the epic struggle to rule Brittany continues, Ivar the Red unexpectedly finds himself in charge of the Norse army after his brother, Valdrik, is severely wounded. Intensely loyal, Ivar is prepared to do everything to see their victory through—except taking a Breton wife. Nevertheless, Lady Emma of Quimper fascinates him more than any woman he’s ever known. Although her highborn status protects her from bondage, Ivar vows to claim her as his own.

Lady Emma of Quimper is determined to defend her home as fiercely as any knight, until she opens the gates to save an old friend from Viking invaders. But her trust has been misplaced, and she finds herself at the mercy of a bloodthirsty heathen—Ivar the Red. Pride keeps Emma from fully surrendering to the conquering lord of Quimper, even when she realizes he’s not quite the devil she imagined.

Ivar has always enjoyed a challenge, especially one from a beautiful Amazon with the heart of a warrior. Though she defies him at every turn, Ivar deals gently with Emma—until she betrays his trust and escapes. Refusing to be made a fool, Ivar sets out to recover his captive who is determined to return to Quimper at the head of an army. When Ivar finds her in the clutches of death, he suddenly realizes she matters far more than his injured pride and sexual desire. He will do anything to save her and give up everything to make her his.

Still hungry for more? As the temperature cools off and football season is underway, check out the rest of the books in the de Wolfe Pack Series here.

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Enjoy, me hearties!