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Happy Birthday, book babies!!! Join me, Jack, Darlene, and Author Patricia Preston as we celebrate the release of our little darlings, The Pirate’s Debt and One Week in Your Arms today. What’s not to love, eh? Two FANtastic reads by two besties! One story hails from Cornwall and the other from LaFayette Falls, where true love is sure to win the day, giving readers a happily contented sigh. Huzzah!!!

Darlenecroppedblackbackground2“’Tis an opportune moment for rum, luv.”

“As long as I’ve got my purse and lipstick, we can celebrate however we want to, honey.”



KathyBoneThePirate'sDebtFINALLady Chloe Walsingham is an enthusiastic gothic romance reader and hopeless romantic focused solely on finding her perfect hero. She also happens to have a penchant for getting into trouble. So when the man she loves disappears after a scandalous duel, she decides to follow him to the ends of the Earth. To do so, however, Chloe must evade her brother, an infamous revenue man, and board a ship bound for Penzance. And nothing in her beloved books can prepare her for the harsh realities of wreckers who ply the coast.

After his father destroyed the lives of countless innocent people, Basil Halford, Earl of Markwick is willing to do anything to earn back his honor. Betrayed by his blood and his reputation ruined, Markwick answers the request of a well-heeled duke and dons the Black Regent’s mask to repay the debt. His task? Rescuing a young woman who is chasing down a ghost of a man.

But a pirate has plenty of enemies, and Markwick isn’t any different. No matter how diligent a captain he may be, sailing to Lady Chloe’s rescue involves risking not only the Regent’s legacy but the last thing he can afford to lose…his heart.

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Six years ago, Dr. Marla Grant gave into temptation with a gorgeous man. Now the medical director of Lafayette Falls Community Clinic and a single mom to a little girl, Marla finds herself in a dilemma when the funding for the community clinic is threatened by none other than the powerful man of her long-ago fling and unsuspecting father of her child…

Carson Blackwell has never forgotten bright, beautiful Marla. When he discovers that she works at the clinic his grandmother’s foundation sponsors, it’s the perfect opportunity to end to his ongoing infatuation and use his leverage to cement a new business deal. He needs a fake girlfriend for one week in Hawaii, and Marla is just the woman for the job. It’s a win-win situation, until they realize the attraction between them isn’t feigned, and the heat has never died down. Only the secrets they’re both keeping stand in the way of a future together and a love that could last a lifetime.

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****TreasureAlert**** In honor of #ReleaseDay, I’m giving away an ecopy of The Pirate’s Debt and One Week in Your Arms. Comment for a chance to win!

If you could spend a week with Ross Poldark, Mr. Darcy, or Robin Hood, who would you choose and why?