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HARRk! Come near! Come ye from afARR! Today is the day pirates use their vocabulARR! If ye be confused or wary, fear not. A list to aid you, is what I’ve got. Now limber your tongue and prepARRe to talk. You must learn the way, if you walk the walk. But take heed, I say to what you learn. It’s a diction addiction that might make you turn… pirate.

Pirates 101

  • Bard slab ~ a ridiculous person
  • Beanrake ~ an excessively thin or weak person
  • Brimstone and gall ~ hell and the devil
  • Chuckle-headed/thick-pated ~ stupid
  • Cold-gutted ~ heartless
  • Dunderhead ~ idiot
  • Fetch me up daft ~ call me crazy
  • Fire-eater ~ a tough, dangerous person
  • Fuddler ~ drunkard
  • Ha-harr! or Tarr Harr! ~ pirate laughter
  • Harkee me ~ listen to me
  • I’ll be blown ~ an expression of surprise
  • Lurcher ~ coward, loser
  • Maggot ~ a vile, offensive person
  • Mountebank ~ a charlatan, liar
  • Niminy-piminy ~ dainty, mincing
  • Od’s bobs, hammer and tongs ~ a substitute for God’s blood, body, and wounds
  • Pimple ~ a disgusting, offensive person
  • Poxed ~ damned
  • Princock ~ arrogant, overbearing
  • Sack of entrails ~ scumbag
  • Spawn ~ an offensive, worthless person
  • Take a peek at your brain ~ to pluck out your eye
  • Turncoat ~ a treacherous person
  • Whiffler ~ a weak-willed, pathetic person
  • With a wannion ~ with a vengeance
  • Yellow dog ~ coward

Pirate Phrases

  • ‘Tis give and take, share and share
  • To win fortunre and power or six foot of earth
  • Having lost my all, I’ll take all that I may
  • Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, blood for blood—’tis a good law and just
  • There’s more fire in a small, dead fish than in all your slow body
  • The smell of you alone is enough to wrinkle the noses of pigs
  • You’re a bold one in a calm
  • You have the head of a chicken, the heart of a yellow dog, and the bowels of a worm
  • Yellow was never a pirate’s color
  • You should be fed on paps and suckets
  • A plague on your scurvy head
  • Curse me for a lubber
  • I’ll crack you like a flea



(Courtesy of: The Pirate Primer, Mastering the Language of Swashbucklers and Rogues by George Choundas)

Now you can turn a pirate phrase or two or three on Talk Like a Pirate Day. Now off with ye, ye scabrous dogs. Get your FREE Krispy Kreme donuts and FREE fish at Long John Silvers!



ARR ye addicted yet? Can ye speak the speak and walk the walk? (Just don’t walk off the plank, mateys.)  😉


Katherine/aka Cap’n