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Katherine Bone’s Pirate Stronghold, The History of Port Royal, Jamaica!


20160521_183559This past May, my rogue and I took an anniversary trip to Jamaica. It was our first visit to the tropical island and neither of us knew what to expect, other than beautiful flowers, lush vegetation, and reggae music. (Red, red wy-een!) High on my to-do list—unbeknownst to my rogue—was Port Royal. Jamaica, I quickly learned however, is a very large island. It took our shuttle one and a half hours to drive us from the airport to Ocho Rios. When we questioned our resort consultant about the possibility of touring Port Royal, I was saddened to learn that a trip to ye old pirate port would take six hours by taxi. Since we’d committed to our resort, that news unfortunately meant I wasn’t going to be able to see THE Golden Age of Piracy’s stronghold. But I found ways to assuage my bitter disappointment with rum and… where was I? Oh, yes. When I returned home, I consoled myself with research. What I’ve discovered is intriguing and sobering, especially as Hurricane Matthew passes over Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba. And what I found is exactly what I’d like to share with you today.

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