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Today is a day set aside to honor the men and women who’ve answered the call to protect and defend America from enemies foreign and domestic. Huzzah and Hoorah!


Veterans Day is a special day for me and I’m passionate about it. I get to celebrate America’s heroes publicly (like I do personally every day of my life with the men in my family who’ve served our country as far back as any of us can remember). As the grand niece of Navy, Coast Guard, and Army men, the granddaughter of a Texas farmer who joined the Navy one month after Pearl Harbor was bombed (my father was born twelve days after Pearl Harbor), as the daughter of an Army Sergeant First Class, the wife of a West Point graduate and retired Lieutenant Colonel, the DIL of an Army Sergeant, the Aunt of a Texas National Guard Sergeant, and the mother of two sons, an Air Force Master Sergeant and an Army Sergeant, my heart is full of respect and gratitude for the selfless sacrifices made for Americans every day. Sacrifices that often took/take my loved ones far into the heartland of hate and violence, when I’d give anything to have them by my side.

This is the life I’ve lived.

As an eight year old wondering if her father would ever return from Vietnam, a mother of four children waiting on her husband to return home from overseas or a temporary duty assignment, to an aunt of a Texas National Guardsman serving four tours in the Middle East, and a mother praying that her sons and their families will be safe in a turbulent political world.

We, the families (grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces, children) sacrifice more than time—our hearts—so that our loved ones leave unburdened in their quest to give all to this beautiful country that we love. Service is not just about putting on boots and a uniform and walking out the door to answer the call, though that is the toughest act of all. It’s about knowing that what you leave behind is worth it. That the people you love will be there when you get back. And that everything you go through will make the world a better place for YOUR family.

Can you imagine how hard it must be to walk out that door, not knowing if you’ll ever come back? That takes extraordinary strength!

It’s this devotion, dedication, and determination that feeds the heroes of my books. I’ve seen it in action. I’ve lived it.

There is no greater sacrifice than putting your life on the line for another.

Today is such a special day, though our military never really gets a holiday. It’s works 24/7 to protect us so that we can use our iphones, ipads, and watch reality shows while complaining about the world we live in.

Share your respect and honor those who’ve selfishly protected our right to freedom under the United States flag.

My family has shown we aren’t born to serve. We choose to give our last breath for freedom! God Bless America!

Happy Veterans Day, me hearties!