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Author Jenna Jaxon is celebrating her #NewRelease, Seduction at the Christmas Court. Hop aboard for a seasonal voyage to 1349 and a Yuletide celebration in King Edward III’s court after Jack has his way with Lady Jenna. ARR!!!

jack-sparrowJack: “Lady Katherine, I confess I have the best luck interviewing wenches… I mean authors. Quite satisfying, savvy. Today’s quarry… ‘er fortunate guest is Author Jenna Jaxon. A prolific writer, to be sure.” Jack preens. “Ahem. Lady Jenna, I’d like to start off my interview by asking ye this: Where does your compass point to?”

Jenna: “Due North. I have to orient myself and everything I do with that in mind, even though I’m a Southerner born!”

Jack: “Southern? Lady Katherine is from the south, Texas bred. (No accent, savvy.) Claims sailin’ the world as a child influenced her speech. I can tell ye what influences a pirate—besides rum—pieces of eight. Significant treasure, to be sure. If ye could have eight pieces with ye at all times, what would they be?”

Jenna: “Mostly books!  Computer and charger, Outlander, Devilish, Devil in Winter, comfortable shoes, popcorn, chocolate, and tea!”

Jack: Spews rum. “Outlander? ’Spect a mutiny to befall us. There are those who fear outlanders.” Cocks head. “What’s that ye say? Jamie Fraser is a handsome devil? I best get to my next question before my ego sinks. When did the wind take hold of your sails?”

Jenna: “About eight years ago and she hasn’t let go yet.”

kraken-attackJack: “A southwesterly wind, I take it. They never give up their dead.” Scrunches face and looks around shiftily. “Or was that Lake Superior?” Takes another swig. “Were there times the Kraken tried to pull ye down to Davy Jones Locker? If so, how’d ye escape?”

Jenna: “I’ve had my share of Kraken-esque reviews, and I guess I just tried to ignore them. Kept writing and publishing. When I got my agent and print contract, revenge was sweet!”

Jack: “Ah, the rise and fall of the sea. There’s nothing sweeter than stealing back the Pearl.” Eyes bug out. “Wait. Where am I? Ah yes, conducting an interview. During a broadside, what do you do to mend your sails, Lady Jenna?”

Jenna: “Watch TV and old movies (I will watch Notting Hill every day of the week and as many reruns of Downton Abbey or the West Wing I can get my hands on).”

Jack: “Ye can put your hands on me, luv. I’m Captain Jack Sparrow, savvy.”

Jenna: “Or read.”

Jack: “Well. There is… that.”

Jenna: “And when the time is right, the words will come.”

Jack: Smiles excitedly. “Now we’re speaking the same language. Once the course for your coveted horizon had been charted, how long did it take ye to make port?”

Jenna: “I actually got published fairly quickly, by industry standards.”

captain jack sparrow w birdJack: Pets Cotton’s parrot. “I obtained a crew and pilfered my weasely guts out.”

Jenna: “I began writing in January of 2009 and had my first short story published in May of 2011.”

Jack: Aims blunderbuss at undead monkey. “I sailed to Stranger Tides in 2011.”

Jenna: “Two stories that spring, actually.”

undead-monkey-birthdayJack: Monkey lands on Jack’s head. “Well, there were mermaid tears. I’d spring for a partay if I could just get my hands on this undead monkey.” Monkey screeches and drags Jack’s rum bottle away. “Oh no, ye don’t.” Scrambles to retrieve rum. “Pirates have a code, more like guidelines anyway. What’s your code, Lady Jenna?”

Jenna: “Well, my code is a lot stricter than guidelines. Once I have the idea, I let it percolate for a while as I work out all the plot points. Then I outline the book in great detail. I have to have that outline or I am lost at sea.”

Jack_finds_his_headdingJack: “A compass that points to what ye want most, eh?”

Jenna: “It is my truest compass. I can make detours or day trips, but I have to stay pretty true to that outline. And my books must be written chronologically and by hand. I cannot skip scenes. I am a very linear human being. LOL! After I get through to the end, I let it rest for a short while, then I type it in as I revise. Then it goes out to my betas, then to my agent or editor. If I am diligent and have no distractions (like children, husband, job) I could write a chapter a day and have a full-length novel written in a month once I have the outline.

Jack: “You ARR a well-propertied wench, Lady Jenna. And now for the question I always save for last. Ye might say it’s the most important one. Who is your all time favorite pirate?

image-130Jenna: Captain Jack Sparrow, of course! There’s no one like Jack. 🙂

Preens. “You’d make a good pirate, luv.” Takes a bow. “Allow me to return the favor.”

Directs attention to said reader. “Lady Jenna has a new release. Make way for the signal flag Lady Katherine raised below.”


christmasmockup5Christmas tidings of comfort, joy, and temptation

Alyse and Geoffrey, Lord and Lady Longford, have journeyed to the glittering Christmas Court of King Edward III in the year 1349 to wait upon the king and take part in some Yuletide merriment. However, when Geoffrey is suddenly called into the king’s service again, Alyse must remain at court, attending the queen and persuading her rebellious sister to accept an unwanted betrothal. When rumors of Geoffrey’s death arise, Alyse fends off an old suitor who wants to renew their friendship. But how long will he take “No” for an answer.




Alyse stared in horror as Guy nonchalantly raised her hand to his lips. The skin seemed to shrink, as though it would crawl off her bones to escape his touch. She longed to snatch it away from the vile man however, mindful of the thousand eyes that marked her every movement, she instead gave him a coy look and a nod. “You are kind to remember me, Guy, now that you have my sister to wife. I doubted you would give me a glance in the wake of her beauty.”

Geoffrey moved closer to her, his hulking presence a subtle warning.

An she knew her husband, he was now sorely tempted to run Guy through with his sword. Thank God it lay safe in their chamber. “I give you good evening, Sir Guy. It has been long since last we met at my father’s house.” Remind him who had triumphed that evening and mayhap he’d keep his distance and his head.

“Too long, cherie. Perhaps now we are to be kindred, we will see much more of one another.” His gaze rested on her mouth and he licked his lips.

Bold villain. Alyse drew closer to Geoffrey. The man’s dark-eyed gaze would peel the clothes from her like the skin from an orange an she endured it much longer.

Face blackened in a scowl, Geoffrey bumped her side as he stepped between her and Guy. “My wife will enjoy her sister’s company as often as she likes while we are at court, Sir Guy. An you are in the room you may bear them company as well during the Christmastide. Should you journey to Longford after you are wed, of course, we will always open our home to you.” Her husband’s teeth clenched so tight his jaw creaked. He’d rejoice in Guy’s company when the last trump sounded.

“Pippa,” Alyse said, turning to her sister, sorry that she must bear witness to Guy’s disrespect. Pray God His Majesty never heard tell of this conversation. She grasped her sister’s hands, pulling the girl from Guy’s side. “’Twill only be a short time ‘ere we are gone from here. This feuding twixt Guy and Geoffrey will last only so long as we remain here. Once you are married—”

“Once I am married to him there will be no escape, Alyse.” Pippa’s voice, hard-edged, flat, and filled with anger, made her cringe. “I will be forever chained to a man who cares nothing for me, only for my sister.”


Jenna Jaxon is a multi-published author of historical in all time periods because passion is timeless.  She has been reading and writing historical romance since she was a teenager.  A romantic herself, she has always loved a dark side to the genre, a twist, suspense, a surprise.  She tries to incorporate all of these elements into her own stories. She’s a theatre director when she’s not writing and lives in Virginia with her family, including two very vocal cats.

Jenna is a PAN member of Romance Writers of America as well as Vice-President of Chesapeake Romance Writers, her local chapter of RWA. She has three series currently available: The House of Pleasure, set in Georgian England, Handful of Hearts, set in Regency England, and Time Enough to Love, set in medieval England and France.

She currently writes to support her chocolate habit.

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****Treasure Alert**** To help celebrate Lady Jenna’s newest Medieval romance release, one lucky commenter will win an ecopy of Seduction at the Christmas Court.

Riddle me this: What’s your FAVorite Christmas memory?

I’ll never forget the Christmas Eve when rogue proposed to me. We opened gifts that night in order to travel to family on Christmas Day. There was only one gift left under the tree. Rogue reached for it and chivalrously handed it to me. And there, nestled within a box within a box, was my engagement ring. As I opened that box, he said the words I’d longed to hear for 1 1/2 years. “Will you marry me?” Woo-hoo!!! (That was 35 years ago and we still use the very same Christmas tree.)

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