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Sink and scupper me, we’ve another visitor in our midst! Ahoy, me hearties! What luck! I’m interrogatin’… ‘er I mean interviewin’ another author this week, Lady Jessie Clever.  Does a body good to be in demand. So without further delay…

Smacks hands together with glee.

Let’s get this ship out of port, eh? I’ll begin with my first question, one that is close to me heart. I have a compass that points to what I want most. Where does your compass that points to, Lady Jessie?

Jessie: “Trouble!”

compassJack: ’Tis me middle name, luv.”

Jessie: “My mother is always shaking her head and muttering about where she went wrong with me.”

Jack grimaces. “Mummy.”

Jessie:  “I grew up wanting to be Indiana Jones, but as that job was already taken, I decided being a writer was the next best thing.

pirates-of-the-caribbean-jack-sparrowJack: “A lucrative profession, it is. I’ve had many a moment where I said, ‘Did anyone see that? Because ye will not be seein’ that again.’ Now, I’ve got pieces of eight in my pocket. Significant treasure, to be sure. If ye could have eight pieces with ye at all times, what would they be?

Jessie: “All I need in this world are my hound dogs and my husband.  The rest will come on the wind or the sea.

Jack: “Southwesterly winds can be brutal, but the sea… Aye, she’s a comely wench sure to pleasure any man when she’s got a steady hand.” Gazes at that weathered horizon then tips his hat. “When did the wind take hold of your sails, eh?”

Jessie: “We grew up in the twigs (that’s where you come to when you get past the sticks).”

captain-jack-sparrow-captain-jack-sparrow-33965753-1280-539Scrunches face. “Twigs and sticks. Landlubber, eh?”

Jessie: “And any civilization was at least a 45-minute drive away.  We didn’t have iPhones, iPads, or wonder of wonder, a DVD player in the car back then.”

Jack: “We drink rum and watch the stars.”

Jessie: “We had only ourselves and the radio for amusement.  On most rides, my dad would say to me, “Tell me a story, Jessie Clever.”  And I’ve been telling stories ever since.”

Jack: “There’s a trick to spinning yarns. Even when you’re telling the truth, people don’t believe it. Were there times the Kraken tried to pull ye down to Davy Jones Locker? If so, how’d ye escape?”

Jessie: “The Kraken is a slippery scoundrel, and I do well to avoid him!”

2003107114Jack: “You’ve never sailed with a woman named Elizabeth, have ye, luv? I don’t recommend opening a dead man’s chest.”

Jessie: “I always remember not everyone loves every story.  If I know I’ve told the best story I can, that’s enough for me.  If there were an off switch to this writing thing, I would have flicked it off long ago.  But there isn’t.  And the best I can do is keep telling good stories.”

Jack: “Tis a good way to make a living when the story beasties play nice. During a broadside, what do ye do to mend your sails?”

Jessie: “Living room dance party.”

Jack: “I’m quite light of foot. May I join ye?”

Jessie: “I put on my nice headphones, crank up the music, and rock out.  I allow my mind to go blank and the music to absorb me.  My Basset hounds do not care for living room dance parties at all and are pretty sure I’m nuts.”

Captain Jack Sparrow Undead MonkeyJack: “Barbossa’s undead monkey tries to steal my nuts. Once the course for that coveted horizon had been charted, how long did it take ye to make port?”

Jessie: “I wrote my first novel in college and published it when I turned 29.  It was a very long journey, and the seas were restless and angry at times.  But I made it, and it’s more beautiful here than I ever could have imagined.”

Jack: “Tis a great thing to accomplish the inconceivable, luv. I’ve heard it said many times, I’m the worst pirate men have ever seen. I always ask, ‘But ye have heard of me?’ There’s a method to genius, a code, as it were… more like guidelines. What’s your code?”

Jessie: “I do a lot of pre-planning.”

Jack: “A map, sextant, compass, and plenty of rum ARR a brilliant strategy.”

Jessie: “Research.  Outlining.  Brainstorming.  Characterization.  I only spend about two months writing the first draft because I’ve done most of the work in the pre-planning process.  But the editing, that’s when the story really starts to come out.”

Nods. “Planning is key. Speaking of success, pirates live only as long as strategy and planning safe passage provide. That leads me to our last question. Who is your all-time favorite pirate?” Cue disco ball. Staying Alive. Staying Alive.

grace-omalley-queen-elizabethJessie: “The fearsome Grace O’Malley who once tricked Queen Elizabeth I into releasing her commandeered ships.

Jack: “O’Malley?” Reaches for the rum. “Aye, a sassy wench, that one. Bred to fly a black flag.” Shifts his effects with a tug of ye ol’ belt. “A well-propertied pirate, she was. Gave the queen a run for her money, pardon the pun.”



Every tar what sets foot on a ship has a story. What story do you have to tell?

jessieclever_tobeaspy_800px1Samuel Black must make a decision: to be a spy like his father or follow his heart.

Either is likely to give his mother chest pains.

For Samuel is no longer a lad with the ambitious and noble wish of being a lamplighter to keep the seedy streets of London safe.  About to embark on university, his mind stirs with the thoughts of creating a policing force in London to safeguard its citizens.  Held back by his family’s legacy as spies, Samuel does not make his ideas known.

But when he stops a would-be purse-snatcher, his path unexpectedly veers into that of one Miss Penelope Paiget, and suddenly, Samuel must make a choice.

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The Short Stories in the Spy Series:

To Be a Spy

To Be a Duke

To Be a Lady

To Be a Debutante

The Spy Series short stories take place after the conclusion of the Spy Series.


jessiecleverheadshot1Jessie decided to be a writer because the job of Indiana Jones was already filled.

Taking her history degree dangerously, Jessie tells the stories of courageous heroines, the men who dared to love them, and the world that tried to defeat them.

Jessie makes her home in the great state of New Hampshire where she lives with her husband and two very opinionated Basset Hounds.  For more, visit her website at www.jessieclever.com.


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Thanks so much for docking at Rogues, Rebels & Rakes, Lady Jessie! I can’t wait to read your spy series!

Wishing you following winds,