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0001-106749684Happy New Year, me hearties!

Another year arrives with champagne toasts and great cheer. Gone are the failures, successes, and sorrows of the previous year. Ahead await endless possibilities of hope and light.

I wish you all the greatest of success in 2017!

As for me, my calendar is somewhat empty. I’m ready to make additions though, to jot down thrilling plans and epic dreams. No holding back! It’s time to focus on good health, find time to relax, exercise more, and enjoy solitary moments that refill the well. That’s as close as I’m going to get to making a New Year’s resolution. I’m not a big fan of them because they never seem to stick, though I tend to come up with a plan anyway. (Pirate!)

Before I can dig in to what I want to do this year, however, I’m on deadline. I’ve got to finish the third book in my Regent’s Revenge Series by January 24th. Oriana Thorpe and Captain Walsingham have a long way to go before they can reach their happily ever after. So, in order to meet my deadline date, I’m going to pull back from social media in January.

If you see me here, brilliant! If not, you’ll know that I’m working hard to bring The Pirate’s Duty to you. (The book will be a late May/early June release.)


Speaking of The Pirate’s Duty, Regent’s Revenge Book #3, I haven’t done a formal cover reveal yet.

Here it is! Isn’t it amazeballz? 😉

Author Victoria Vane at Romance Cover Creations captured Oriana’s and Walsingham’s passion for each other perfectly. These two characters are stubborn, tortured souls fated to be together. But there are a great many things working to tear them apart: social standing, important causes, personal trauma, and an enemy who wants them both dead. I do so love creating mayhem. Heehee!!!

Until next time, my wish for you is to reach for the stars in 2017! No dream is too big.

Remember, we all have 364 more days to play with. So grab a calendar and plan away.


I particularly LOVE the 2017 Action Day Planner. It’s a FABulous way to keep track of your time, commitments, and projects. I’ve used this particular calendar for the last four years and highly recommend it.


I’m also trying something new this year, the 2017 AuthorLife Planner. It’s a bit more detailed than my brain can handle right now but I’m hoping to work on scheduling my time better this year and I’m willing to try something new.

So take a chance on something new and sail to that weathered horizon, me hearties. Treasure awaits!

Wishing you following winds,