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Ahoy, me hearties! I’d like to share some fascinating research I’ve discovered for one of my books. While writing The Pirate’s Duty, Regent’s Revenge Book Three, I needed to learn more about a 13th Century church in Cornwall. Talland Church was built on the site of a Celtic altar erected in the 5th Century and dedicated to St. Tallanus. The present altar sits on top of the Celtic altar established there fifteen hundred years ago!

In Cornish, Talland means Tal Lan. (Tal for hill and Lan for holy place.) Built on a ley line—significant to the Celtic people—the church looks down on Talland Bay, betweenPolperro and Looe, maintaining a mighty historical presence on its bed-rock foundation. A key landmark element of the church is its main crenelated bell tower and another echoing tower nearby. Together, set one nautical mile apart (1.1508 miles or 1.852 kilometers) these landmarks help ships time speed between Talland Bay and another pair of towers situated at Hannafore, near Looe. These landmarks were extremely influential in the age of sail and still aid mariners to this day.

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