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Penned By Candlelight

By Katherine Bone

“The devil it is said never came to Cornwall for fear of being made into a pie.”

~ Cornwall and Its People by A.K. Hamilton Jenkin

Pie was a Cornish housewife’s most celebrated culinary art in the 18th-19th Centuries. Nothing was too big or too small for a pie. Seasonal herbs and vegetables, fish and various meats at her disposal, a Cornish wife utilized crafty baking skills to create tasty cuisine with ingredients that weren’t ‘too common or too unclean’ to be added to a pie.

Favorite ingredients included: mackerel, pilchard (Star-gazy fish), conger, bream, ram, muggety and nattlin (entrails of sheep), taddago (premature suckling pigs), curlew, squab (layers of young pigeon, apple, bacon, onions, and mutton), lammy, giblet, leek, ‘tatty’, ‘herby’, and more.

“Dear to Cornish palates, ‘one and all’,

Appeared in crusted pomp to grace the hall,

The pie, where herbs with…

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