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Ahoy, me hearties! I’m blogging at Historical Hussies today about The Art of Self-Defense in the 19th Century and the book I’ve researched to help me better understand terminology used during that period.


Katherine, here! I’ve been researching historical forms of self-defense for my September 7th release, The Mercenary Pirate. My hero is inspired by Wolverine as part of The Heart of a Hero Series. To create more riveting and historically correct fight scenes, I decided to learn more about language and terms of the times, hand-to-hand fighting techniques, and how women protected themselves in the 19th Century. (My heroine is a combination of Storm and Rogue for this series, which reimagines superheroes in the Regency era! And I’d like to mention that the first book in the series is absolutely FREE!)

Join me at Historical Hussies, won’t you, as I share the BEST four books I’ve found on the subject with you.

Wishing ye fare winds,