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I’ve been working on a new series and I’m so happy to be finally sharing it with you.

Welcome the first book in my Christmas for Ransome Series – To Sir Christmas, With Love! Based on The Pirate’s Yuletide Treasure short story, I’ve expanded the world of Captain Ransome and his wife Cassia, and why they go to a brothel in Canterbury to celebrate Christmas Eve every year.

Napoleon’s war still rages on the Continent, and Lieutenant Christmas Astley-Milne must return to sea. However, Chris is tormented that Emma Clavering, the woman he’s always loved, might marry another while he’s gone. There’s nothing for it but for him to propose before he leaves.

Emma accepts without hesitation. But as months turn into years, and nothing more is heard of Chris, must she also accept that he’s dead, or is he being held captive? The only way she can keep hope alive is to help bring prisoners of war back to England as part of a smuggling operation she runs with her cousin. It’s her dearest wish that Chris, wherever he is, is being treated well, and he, too, will eventually be returned safe and sound.

Finally, after five long years, her steadfastness is rewarded when Chris comes home just in time for Christmas. But he is not the same man who left her to fight the French. War has changed him, and he is wounded inside and out. Will anything, save a Yuletide miracle, be enough to thaw his heart?

And December 13th, you’ll get book two, Yule be Home for Christmas.

From the workhouse to the British army, then captivity courtesy of Napoleon’s men, Lieutenant Daniel Barrett has never known the warmth or safety of a real home. But now, his training as a physician and loyalty to his captain, Sir Christmas Astley-Milne, have found him a temporary resting place. Having helped the wounded Chris escape to England, Daniel is sequestered at Milne Manor, caring for other soldiers who’ve returned across the Channel.

But it’s not the place he can call home, where he can settle with the wife and children he longs for. For what can he offer a good woman such as Ivy Martin, the daughter of Milne Manor’s stableman and his able medical assistant, for whom he’s formed a secret affection, when he has no money and few prospects? Once again, it’s time to move on.

However, just before Christmas, Ivy’s father is badly hurt, and Daniel finds himself comforting her—and kissing her under the mistletoe. This changes everything. Or does it, when he’s preparing to leave Milne Manor for London come the New Year?

And coming in January 2023, the extended novella of The Pirate’s Yuletide Treasure!

That’s right! You loved the short story so much that I created an entire series around it. Huzzah! And boy, has this been a joy to write. I hope you enjoy it too! 😍

Here’s a peek at the novella’s cover.

Isn’t this cover FANtastic? My cover designer, Dar Albert, was able to capture Cassia’s approach to Klaus Haus in Canterbury perfectly. 🎊

I’m going to continue to offer the short story for FREE as my gift to you. Yay!!! The books in the series will be available for #99ents each.

I’m happy to tell you that I’m having the best time writing these characters’s stories.

Here’s what one reader had to say about To Sir Christmas, With Love.

5 Stars!✶✶✶✶ “As a prisoner of war in France, Chris endures hardships that would kill a normal man but thoughts of Emma is what keeps him alive. When he finally escapes and is brought home badly wounded, Emma is there waiting for him but both have changed. This is where the magic of Christmas occurs and two hearts are finally together again. I always enjoy Katherine Bone’s writing and this was no exception.”


Wishing you following winds,