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Katherine here! I’ve been researching Georgian and Regency dogs for my September 7th book, The Mercenary Pirate, Heart of a Hero Series Book #10. In the book, my heroine’s father seeks admission to the ton through the advantageous marriages of his two children. Mr. Herding is a middle-aged man doing everything he can to live a gentile and luxurious life in Cornwall’s mining district. Life is hard there, a daunting trial for a mineral lord who has acquired financial wealth and has no way to flaunt it before his aristocratic counterparts. New money doesn’t award him social status.

So what does a self-made man living in the Georgian and Regency eras need on hand to attract lofty persons to his estate? He needs a great house, fashionable clothes, excellent liquor, and the ability to provide entertainment. Mr. Herding has all of those things, especially an excellent breed of hunting dog.

Hunting as well as attending dog fights was a popular activity in the Georgian and Regency eras.

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