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Sending out a shout out to you, me hearties!

The many portraits by Abbott originate from th...

These past six weeks of recuperation from my double neck surgery have been a strain on the brain as well as the body. Oh, if only the body were willing… Anyhoo, I’m popping in to pass along that I’m sailing in becalmed waters right now. Yes, I’m stalled. But I’m trying to use this slow time as well as I can. I may not be blogging or posting as much as I usually have in the past, which isn’t often enough. (Pirate!) However, I’m nose deep in researching Admiral Horatio Nelson, finalizing plot points for my Nelson’s Tea Novella, a prequel to Book One in the series, as well as ensuring a riotous final round for the crew in Book Three. As soon as I can sit and type longer than 30 minutes, I’ll be back at work.

I’ve got surprises coming up as well. I’ll be blogging at Crimson Romance the week of September 23rd and at Paperbacks & Papercuts on September 27th.

Keep your eyes to that horizon!