En Garde! Dueling History via Author Sharon Lathan! (Reblogged)


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En Garde! Dueling History

If you have read my first novel, Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy, then you know that a duel with swords takes place toward the end. Naturally, in order to present a realistic duel, or simply have a duel at all, I needed to research the hows and whys as pertinent during the Regency Era of England. In the process, I learned a ton about the history of dueling, so will share some of the highlights.

Let’s begin with etymology. The word duel comes from the Old Latin duellum, which translates as “war” but is also associated with the Latin duo meaning “two.” Evolving etymology shifted the meaning to a combat between two persons, the common definition.


Read more at Happily Ever After Comes True!

Love it, Lady Sharon! Thank you!!!



Amusements of Old London: The Parks by Susana Ellis!


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“Susana Ellis’s historical posts ARR exceptional. Richly detailed! Brava, Lady Susana!”

Amusements of Old London, posted March 8, 2017

William B. Boulton, 1901

“… an attempt to survey the amusements of Londoners during a period which began… with the Restoration of King Charles the Second and ended with the accession of Her Majesty Queen Victoria.”

From Henry VIII’s Land Grab to a Public Park: Hyde Park

As the King’s most Royal Majesty is desirous to have the games of hare, partridge, pheasant and heron preserved in and about the honour of his palace of Westminster for his own disport and pastime, no person, on the pain of imprisonment of their bodies and further punishment at his Majesty’s will and pleasure, is to presume to hunt or hawk from the Palace of Westminster to St. Giles’ in the Fields, and from thence to Islington, to our Lady of the Oak, to Highgate, to Hornsey Park, and to Hampstead Heath.

Don’t miss this great list! Read the entire post at Susana’s Parlour!

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Romance Unlaced: Pirate (and Privateers) at USAToday’s HEA Blog via Madeline Hunter!


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I’m super excited my book was included in this great blog post Romance Unlaced: Pirate (and Privateer) Romances Enjoy a Renaissance, about pirates, privateers, and piracy in historical romance by Author Madeline Hunter at USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog!

Thank you for his honor, Lady Madeline! 😉

Books included: Continue reading

#ReleaseDay ~ Securing the Handyman’s Heart by Katie Clark!

Raising the signal flag! It’s Release Day for Author Katie Clark’s latest book, SECURING THE HANDYMAN’S HEART, The I Do Club, Book #1. Woo-hoo!!! Sound the cannon! It’s time to partay! Cupcakes for one and all! 😉

securingthehandymansheartcoverdraftLocal cupcake queen Kayla Dobbs is feeling the heat—just as her bakery is finally taking off, her retired parents start pressuring her to move to Florida. Determined to prove her success, she takes on extra work at the bakery and fibs a little about the depth of her love life. When her mother announces an upcoming visit to meet the lucky guy, Kayla makes a pact with her friends to get a proposal from George Marks, town handyman extraordinaire. The problem is, George seems totally indifferent.

George Marks has enough on his plate with running his business, taking care of an ailing but feisty grandmother, and the possibility of a new business venture on the horizon. But when bumping into Kayla becomes a strangely routine thing, he’s surprised to realize it has also become the highlight of his days. As business spirals out of control and Granny takes a turn for the worse, he’s sure he made one too many commitments.

With a dash of matchmaking granny and a pinch of secret cupcake recipe, Kayla and George find themselves in one messy kitchen. But will they find themselves in love? Continue reading

The Guernsey: Cornish Sweaters!


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I’m blogging about Cornish sweaters at Embracing Romance. Can you believe these sweaters have been around for over 400 years?

Ahoy, it’s Katherine Bone! I love to knit, especially anything with a cable in it! Recently, while researching historical information for my next book, The Pirate’s Duty, The Regent’s Revenge Book #3, I came across knitted frocks worn by fishermen and miners and the women who produced them in Cornwall.


The Guernsey, Gansey, or jersey sweater originated in the 17th Century Channel Islands, becoming the most reliable garment for seamen and fishermen from the 17th to 19th centuries. Comfortable, popular, and dependable, the tightly-packed wool fibers, combined with a snug spinning twist and a simple pattern helped ‘turn water’ and resist sea spray like oiled skin. Variations on the patterns were passed down through generations of fisherman’s wives. Drowned men were identified by deviations of these patterns: diamonds, breaking waves, rope ladders, seeds and bars, each particular to certain areas of Cornwall. (The most complex patterns evolved in Scottish fishing villages.)

Read the rest of the post at Embracing Romance.

Eating at the Northwest Edge

Great post about life in Donegal, Ireland hundreds of years ago by Author Beppie Harrison at Romancing Yesteryear! #thestrugglewasreal

Penned By Candlelight

dsc_0404County Donegal is a splendid place to visit if you’re into scenery. There are spectacular cliffs falling directly into the ocean (with small brave roads clinging to the side of them for the fearless), broad sweeps of golden beach—for those who like a gentle sun and don’t mind cold water, and beautiful vistas of hills and rounded mountains. The county is one of Ireland’s largest, and it hangs off the northwest corner of the island. Everything to its east is Northern Ireland, but Donegal is part of the Republic of Ireland, connected by a tiny strip only five feet wide to County Leitrim. Otherwise it’s surrounded by Northern Ireland and the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s always been a hard place to find enough to eat, and became harder after 1610 when the English, victorious after the Battle of Kilmacrennan in 1608, carved away what is now the city of Derry (Londonderry…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


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0001-140371029“Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.” ~ Lord Byron

Raising the signal flag to me crew and a Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

Whether you’re sailing off on a romantic getaway or spending quality time with the one(s) you love, may your heart be warmed by the greatest gift of all . . . love.

(I’ve written two articles for my local writing chapter’s newsletter about Valentine’s Day. If you’re interested in reading them, you can find What is Love, Valentine and Flowers, The Language of Love here: katherinebone.com)


Wishing you following winds,


The Romance of Language: Word for the Week 1/27/17

Love books with duels!

Jenna Jaxon Romance--because passion is timeless.


“A duel.” from Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language, 1755.


Even though I’ve written about duels  in my romance novels Only Scandal Will Do and the upcoming Only A Mistress Will Do, I had not come across this term for single combat. It is apparently from the Latin “monomachia,” taken from the Greek “monomakhia” (mono=single and makhia=fighting).

duelAlthough in my books duels are usually fought with swords, by this time duels could just as well occur using dueling pistols. In fact, next year’s Only Seduction Will Do will have a duel with pistols.

As I am a big fan of Hamilton The Musical, I

Hamilton-Burr duel Hamilton-Burr duel

should feel remiss not mentioning that famous duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr was fought with pistols. And the American forefather seemed to be spoiling for “monomachies,” because in addition to this famous duel, Hamilton himself received/issued almost a…

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Capt. Jack Interviews Author Cathy Skendrovich and Helps Celebrate her New Release ~ The Pirate’s Bride!


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2017 is off to a great start! And today, we have a real treat in store. Jack’s back to interview another romance author. This time, he’s reeled in Author Cathy Skendrovich. Man the braces, me hearties! Lady Cathy brought her new release, The Pirate’s Bride. Pirates. Brides. Ah, this promises to be quite an adventure!

Take it away, Jack! 😉

captain jack sparrow w compassJack: Preens. “Happy to be back on deck, Lady Katherine. I’m awash with delight.” Bows then straightens effects. Turns and poses for his guest. “Ah, there’s the fine authoress Lady Cathy Skendrovich now. Welcome aboard, luv. Tis a pleasure to have ye.”  Winks devilishly and points to his rum jug. “Don’t be nervous. I brought rum. Let’s start at the beginning, eh? Everyone was born with a compass pointing somewhere. I have a compass that points to what I want most. Where does your compass point to?”

Cathy: “I was born with a compass that points to being the best.”

Jack: Jaw drops. “Kindred spirits, we are.” Continue reading

Happy New Year, Cover Reveal, and 2017 Calendars!


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0001-106749684Happy New Year, me hearties!

Another year arrives with champagne toasts and great cheer. Gone are the failures, successes, and sorrows of the previous year. Ahead await endless possibilities of hope and light.

I wish you all the greatest of success in 2017!

As for me, my calendar is somewhat empty. I’m ready to make additions though, to jot down thrilling plans and epic dreams. No holding back! It’s time to focus on good health, find time to relax, exercise more, and enjoy solitary moments that refill the well. That’s as close as I’m going to get to making a New Year’s resolution. I’m not a big fan of them because they never seem to stick, though I tend to come up with a plan anyway. (Pirate!)

Before I can dig in to what I want to do this year, however, I’m on deadline. I’ve got to finish the third book in my Regent’s Revenge Series by January 24th. Oriana Thorpe and Captain Walsingham have a long way to go before they can reach their happily ever after. So, in order to meet my deadline date, I’m going to pull back from social media in January.

If you see me here, brilliant! If not, you’ll know that I’m working hard to bring The Pirate’s Duty to you. (The book will be a late May/early June release.) Continue reading