#ReleaseDay ~ A Deadly Passion and The Kings of Georgian Britain by Catherine Curzon!


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In the 1700s, a scandal erupted in the royal palaces of Denmark that began behind closed bedroom doors and ended in imprisonment and execution and upheaval when a love affair between a neglected wife and an ambitious doctor hurtled headlong into a political coup. It is far from a fairy tale and for the players in this story, there was to be no happily ever after.

Caroline Matilda by Francis CotesThe story began when Caroline Matilda of Great Britain, the youngest child of Frederick, Prince of Wales, and Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, became betrothed to her cousin, King Christian VII of Denmark. Caroline had been raised in seclusion, a world away from the formal manners and customs of the court and she had little interest in royal life, preferring to devote herself to nature and equestrian pursuits.

Christian VII by Alexander RoslinCaroline Matilda’s quiet days ended at the age of 15 when the very reluctant princess traveled to Copenhagen to become Christian’s wife. Two years her senior and less than twelve months into his reign, Christian already enjoyed an eccentric reputation, though the full extent of his mental illness had yet to show itself. They were married at the Christiansborg Palace on 9 November 1766, and Caroline already found herself in a situation for which she was ill-prepared. Continue reading


Pirate Language in Georgian, England via Historical Hussies!


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I’m blogging at Historical Hussies today!

Writing historical romance is a gratifying experience that can oftentimes be difficult too. An author makes choices that help modern readers understand the way people spoke in historical times, but must also season the story with historical words that transport readers to that era. Which words to use and when to use them? Well… that’s a talent every writer must master. Fortunately, several books are available to help authors achieve storyline Zen.

the-pirate-primerMy go-to book for pirate jargon has always been THE PIRATE PRIMER by George Choundas. A fascinating book! A dash of ‘You’re wasting words’ and a smidgeon of ‘What maggot’s burrowing under your periwig?’ goes a long way. (Pirate!)

Most Regency authors tackle stories of the upper crust. Who doesn’t love daring and dashing dukes, marquises, or earls who champion the day? Even historical aristocrats spoke in gentleman’s code. Several of my favorites include ‘Banbury stories’ (falsehoods), ‘befogged’ (confused), ‘dicked in the nob’ (crazy), and ‘land a facer’ (punch in the face).

Read the rest of this great list of Georgian and pirate cant at Historical Hussies!

Wellington’s Spies via Katherine Bone and Embracing Romance!


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While researching my next book, THE MERCENARY PIRATE, I came across interesting facts about espionage and the Duke of Wellington. The iron duke was dependent on intelligence officers to be ‘the eyes and ears of the army’ (Wellington’s Spies by Mary McGrigor) at times when Wellington himself questioned the state of his drunken, disorderly military.

At the height of Wellington’s success, which earned him accolades and notable titles, three cunning spies rose above everyone else: Scotsman Andrew Leith-Hay, humorous, perceptive, and detailed; Scotsman Colquhoun Grant, a clever master of disguise; and nobleman Charles Cocks, who zealously sought acclaim and rank under dangerous conditions.

To read more, visit Embracing Romance.

My Heroes Always Come Home

Here’s part of my writing journey, me hearties!

Penned By Candlelight

by Katherine Bone

Ahoy, me hearties! When I was a young officer’s wife and my husband was frequently away on duty, I turned to books to escape. At the time, I had two young children below thkatherine bonee age of two years old and we were living overseas in Italy and Germany (a total four and a half years), far away from family and friends. Books were my mainstay, companionship in times of trouble, and provided adventure far outside of the loneliness I experienced every day.

To stay sane, I devoured romance novels by Kathleen Woodiwiss, Julie Garwood, Johanna Lindsey, Elizabeth Lowell, Rosemary Rogers, and Fern Michaels. Their books led me to historical places where life was gritty and hard, but love ALWAYS won the day. Something I prayed would happen when my husband was serving our country and there were times I feared I would never see him again.

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Untying the Knot, Historically Speaking and #NewRelease from Collette Cameron!


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TheDivorceBestselling, Award-winning author Collette Cameron sails into port with a post about marriage and divorce. More importantly, she’s sharing her new release, PASSION AND PLUNDER! Huzzah and Hoorah!

Take it away, Lady Collette!

My most recent book had me digging into Scottish archives and researching the history of divorce in Scotland. Though it’s true, divorces were somewhat easier to achieve in Scotland than in England, where they were almost impossible to obtain, the process wasn’t so simple or all that common. Continue reading

#NewRelease Romance on the High Seas ~ Seven Swashbuckling Pirate Romances!


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Romance on the High Seas! 2Ahoy, me hearties! ‘Tis the day o’ all days… seven swashbuckling romances are here in one thrilling and epic box set. Did you pre-order your copy? If so, grab the rum, put your boots up, and enjoy!

If not, grab your copy today. Romance on the High Seas is available for only $.99The Pirate’s Debt, the second book in my Regent’s Revenge Series, is my contribution to the set, along with six other pirate romance books by NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Danelle Harmon, USA Today Bestselling Authors Barbara Devlin and Amanda Mariel, Chloe Flowers, Jennifer Bray-Weber, and Kamery Solomon! Continue reading

Release Day is Almost Here for Romance on the High Seas! To Celebrate, Here’s a Treasure Hunt and 2 #Giveaways!


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Release Day for the ROMANCE ON THE HIGH SEAS Box Set is almost here! Seven romance authors have formed a brethren court to share one epic box set of swashbuckling romance for #99cents. And to celebrate our May 18th release, we’re hosting a scavenger hunt for prizes and pirate booty galore throughout May and June!

Sail to the treasure hunt port for our two rafflecopter giveaways at Silver Dollar Book Tours and check out the schedule below to follow our clues. 😉

Continue reading

Romance On The High Sea’s; Excerpts, Exclusive Interview with the Authors

Source: Romance On The High Sea’s; Excerpts, Exclusive Interview with the Authors

Don’t miss this great interview and excerpt post by Chicks, Rogues and Sandals for Romance on the High Seas, Coming May 18th, me hearties!

Thank you for the great post, Chicks, Rogues and Scandals!

Wishing you fare winds,


Captain Jack is Back ~ Author Alexandra Christian and Naked: Phoenix Rising!


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Naked_Teaser[1]Oh, me hearties, you’re in for a treat. Captain Jack netted a very fine catch on board ship today. Join him as he interviews Author Alexandra Christian for a very rousing good time.

Jack: “Ahoy, Lady Alexandra! What a pleasure it is to have ye aboard. Imagine me surprise to learn ye enjoy ‘love monkeys’.” Shivers and aims pistol at movement in the rigging. “I’ve got one shot that won’t work on an undead monkey. Darn thing keeps pilferin’ me effects. Which brings me to me first question. Every pirate what’s ever been born steered their life by a compass. When ye were born, where did yer compass point to, eh?”

Alexandra: “Those curls at the base of Benedict Cumberbatch’s skull.” Continue reading

Week Two Indie RONE Nominations ~ Vote All Week!


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KathyBoneThePirate'sDebtFINALWeek Two of Indie RONE Nominations has arrived and I’m fortunate to have two nominations this week. Huzzah! I can’t begin to tell you how exciting this is!

InD’tale Magazine‘s prestigious RONE Awards celebrates the best of the best books reviewed by InD’tale reviewers throughout the previous year.

The 2017 RONE Awards gala event will honor industry professionals with entertainment and a glamorous party taking place at the Annual InD’Scribe Author and Reader Con in Burbank, California, Oct 12-15, 2017.

If you’ve read the books below and/or would like to cast your vote this week, here are the books and their categories. (You must sign in to vote, but the two-step process is easy and your information will not be used for any other purpose.) Continue reading